Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcome Back, Carter!

So when we signed up for this gig, we totally didn't expect to be this busy with our day job ... or this lazy when it comes to posting. After a nudge from a fan to burn the midnight oil and get it done, we've decided to do just that! We have even moved to blogspot so we're backtracking posts to get everyone over here up to speed, even though it seems like we just posted three entries on the same night. Now we're all caught up so hang on tight... this one's gonna be a doozy!

March of the Denim

Plain and simple, we have NEVER seen denim (on denim on denim) done so well. The key is obviously to never match your washes (jean jacket is a different color than the jeans and the denim button down). But this awesome guy takes it to the next level with a great brown distressed shoe and (non-denim) jacket that brings all the shades of bleu together. Bravo le bleu, BRAVO.

This gentle lady also does denim justice. She's rocking the Rachel Zoe look of wide leggs and heels. Our anonymous Jane (you know you like the whiteout eyes) proves that it's all about proportion. Even from her seat, we can tell that her wide hemline isn't overwhelming her frame, in part because of a coat in a loose shape with some visual interest at the collar which draws the eye up toward the face... yes we've been watching a lot of What Not To Wear, don't judge.

Style recommendation - a closet full of skinny jeans is NOT where it's at no matter your age. Slip into a comfy yet CHIC pair of (DARK WASH) wide legs, throw on a nice platform heel so your hem stays in tact but your feet wont ache like with stilettos, balance your proportions and go about your business. I promise, you wont miss doing any of the skinny jean following: 1) pulling from the calf inch by inch just to (eventually) get them over your hips 2) hiding your crack with your hand when picking up a pen 3) doing the tippy toe shimmy while pulling from your belt loop to keep those suckers up all day. *Check out some options above in two different price ranges (Liz Claiborne $58, Old Navy plus size $30)

You can thank me later!

What a dapper older fellow! We wish our grandpa had this man's style... although papa has some mean vintage Lacoste golf shirts that we cant even hate on. Anywho, this gentleman knows how to work his color palette. The brown scarf and gloves pick up some of the brown tints in these great denim pants and that graying black leather bomber is dull enough not to outshine those shoes. And notice the detailing of the jacket - the wide collar and the stretch panel down the arms. It all works together in harmony. Who said black and brown dont go...not us! Keeping it in the same color palette creates instant interest and working the details makes it FIERRRRRCE (per Ms. Tyra who debuted cycle 573 of ANTM last night where the girls did go-sees on the Moon!)

Larry David Question of the Day: We are replacing this question with a comment... a rather non-LD comment but it needs to be said. While there are so many inconsiderate people out there on the F train (we like to think of them as crashers rather than surfers), there are some really decent folks out there too. This guy below is one of them. Despite his heavy load, he politely offered a middle-aged woman a seat when one opened up (even though she declined). It may not seem like much, but we've seen many "males" knock a chick over (be she granny or preggers) to pop a squat for 2 stops. We always give those dudes a full minute of evil glare followed by some side eye action so he'll really feel the burn. But today, we got to smile at a decent Man... and that's a beautiful thing!

iPod Selection of the Day: Coffeelocks by Gavin Castleton - amazing work of art channeling the Beach Boys with just a twinge of Regina Spektor. Somewhere in beachy heaven Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello are grooving to Gavin's melodies.

Yo, did anyone catch the premiere of that new CW reality show High Society? It's a hot mess and we love it! Here's to taxing trust funds one day... fingers crossed!

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