Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Praise the Lord above...spring has finally sprung! Dont think we could take another blizzard...but let's not be naive, one might be around the corner if we know NYCee weather as well as we think we do! But until that fateful day, we will be taking the long way into work (you know, the path in the sunshine avoiding the tall buildings that tend to block out the warmth) and 2 hour lunches in the park.

Speaking of the Park, isnt this young lady (and her fashionable sidekick) adorable?!

We arent the biggest fan of animal print but she's workin the hell outta this one. Some may think the color choices (with the blue socks and hot pick mini) are too much...and maybe a bit tacky. But she really wore it well. And there's a big difference between when a woman wears an outfit and when a girls does. A woman, a truly confident and comfortable woman, stands tall and presents herself boldly. A girl (ahem Miley Cyrus at the Oscars) slouches and just fades. A woman...well you get the point. She makes her presence felt in a classy, self-assured way. To all those girls out there, ditch the shrinking violet, hunchback look. NOT CUTE, you look sickly. Instead, be bold in whatever way that means to you. For this lovely lady in Bryant Park, that means struttin' it in pink, blue AND leopard. We see you, honey!

I See Booties!
So for the past year and some change, leather booties have been all the rage. Folks have dressed them up with a flowery frock or dressed them down with skinnies and leather bombers.
Here are three fashionable looks we've snapped over the last week as the weather has changed from frigid to fantasmagorical...yup, we said it.

Look of the Week

In a sea of skinny jeans, military jackets, and boyish lone lady rises above the crowd. She's got vampy heels, a mid-calf print sun dress and an adorably bright yellow trench with button detailing down the back. She's sexy, she stands out, and she's a breath of fresh air in the stifling tunnels of the New York City Subway. Thank you darling for awakening our dormant inner feminine! Enjoy the weekend!

iPod AM selection: "When It's Over" by Sugar Ray
There's something so sunny about Sugar Ray. It might be that they remind us of early teen summers of youthful innocence before the freshman fifteen or the drama of the office. Either way, we always grin (sometimes maniacally so) when we hear Mark McGrath's raspy vocals.


  1. i love these looks! mm leopard print!

  2. all these looks are GREAT!!! especially the 3 & 4 ones :)

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