Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stand and Deliver - Feb 4th

So, it's virtual day two of this thing and we're still kickin'. We've even gotten a few comments...thanks MOM! We know it's been about 2 weeks since our first post (and you've been holding your breath a really long time in protest of our absence) but we decided to take a trip to South East Asia. Don't you want us to expand our horizons? We'll take that as a resounding YES! So today's post (and probably a few hereafter) will integrate the learnings and experiences of our travels, all from our perspective as a train-rider of course.

We've got lots to discuss so let's get on it with it.

The Long Walk Home

This is Ron. We met him on the train to the airport. He was drafted to serve in Vietnam. He didn't go, but his buddies did. They all died and since 1972, Ron has lived his life barefoot in commemoration of their legacies. Ron eventually realized that Veterans who did return home were struggling with the re-entry process after serving their country, oftentimes in treacherous combat zones. His journey and mission grew to address a need he saw, stemming from his personal experiences. Ron is a cool-ass dude making a difference. He told us, when we asked about his uh...not wearing shoes bit, that a few years ago he would've punched us in the face or told us to fuck off for asking. We're glad this was not a few years ago (he doesn't want it with us anyway - we know Karate). And we're glad we got to chat with him (instead of being afraid of his shoe-less-ness). To help support his cause, click on the link above for his site or just click HERE cuz we know our readers are lazy as hell and don't want to scroll up.

How to Wear it Right

So check it - these two fellas decided to rock similar-looking jackets today and it helps us illustrate the ways in which one can assert a personal style. The uber-stylist dude on the left paired his cropped suede fur collar parka with: a modern twist on the harem pant complete with side zippers, black suede loafers, Ralph Lauren Polo-esque socks (for a pop of color) and a blue pattern collared shirt buttoned up to the top. And his leather backpack had the perfect amount of wear and tear to look aged but not abused. With unique shapes and pops of color, a dark color palette can be transformed into something all your own. Or you can rock it like homeboy on the right--with jeans and sneakers. It's your call but you know what I would do

WTF Moment: Give us a great caption for this WTF Moment and we’ll post it…you’ll be famous! We promise

*Yep those are monks...

Next Stop: Here's what we're working on in the near future. Feel free to giggle uncontrollably.

We've always been fascinated by street performers. When we were little, we would pitch a fit anytime we saw some jerkoff laughing at someone just trying to hustle and share their talent. Imagine a 10 year old mean-muggin a grown ass man, it was vicious. Fast forward a few years and here we are trying to promote folks who've got talent to share and a story to tell. This gentleman serenaded us to Happy Birthday because he said we were American :)

Stay Tuned for More

iPod Selection for this AM: Nothing, we had to hum to ourselves because our blasted iPod decided to give us the blank stare today. Here’s hoping tomorrow it decides to act right.

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